Grainsack Endless Love

Summer break
The days are shimmering in the summer heat and like every year
we are in the blue and we will close our doors
from August 8th to 21st, 2022.
We wish you time to travel, arrive, pause - just as it suits
and should be - just as it does you good and caresses your mood.
Orders can be placed in the web shop at any time, but please note
that no packages will be sent during the summer break.

What began as a secret love, with a self-sewn table runner and upholstery, has envolved over the last few years to a never-ending passion - our antique linen rolls and linen grain sacks.

Handcrafted from hand-woven linen fibres, these beautiful fabrics date back to 1870-1900 and are characterized by their extreme durability and versatility. It is precisely these irregularities in the surface that create this charm that is difficult to escape.

Unlike other antique fabrics, dealing with antique linen does not require much care, so it gets prettier and more beautiful with each wash. Above all, the different textures and color shades can be wonderfully combined with modern furniture, it radiates urban warmth and comfort. Begun at cushions, pads for benches and garden chairs, table runners, curtains, towels up to the use as upholstery fabric or even as a stair runner - these are endless ideas.


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