Versand- & Zahlungsbedingungen

I ever ship my parcels insured, and I pay the insurance for you. I bring my packages immediately to our postoffice every day, when the items are payed. Normally a packages needs approx 10-14 working days. I package all my linen fabric in a waterproof plastic bag.

As I told in my shipping  methods, all my parcels are insured. In the unfortunately case, that you don´t like your antique linen, you can send it back to me, and you will get a refund through paypal or to your credit card for the amount of your item, please not for the shipping. I really appreciate to get the items back with a tracking number, to avoid any shipping troubles .. IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO TAKE YOUR PARCEL FROM THE POST OFFICE AND IT WILL BE NEED TO RETURNED; SO THAT WE HAVE TO PAY THE RETURN SHIPPING FEES; WE WILL FEEL FREE TO CHARGE THIS AMOUNT FROM YOU!!!