About us


Hello I am Christina – I have the luck being the owner of this lovely company. I think the most awesome and charming artist is nature itself. I love all the colors and fragrances during a year, which are changing from spring to winter. To run barefoot across a hayfield to look which of the roses begins to bloom is of the greatest sweets for me– so simple and pure. This is the reason, why I am since years in love with all our antique and handloomed linen fabrics – it is the simplicity to live with them. I feel very lucky to live my dream, to combine my work with my passion for interior design, antique furniture and gardening – all the things which beauty und unique being makes so happy.

A plain cushy tablecloth could be used as picnic blanket, as coverlet or plaid- what an endless list. I enjoy and love to fell the differernt textures and irregularitys, it gives warmth and atmosphere to my home and I take time and try to do my best to find fabrics and decorative items in the same qualtity and beautiness I would use in my home. Because all love begins at home. 


Hello, I am Markus and I am happy to say that Christina and I were friends long before I started working in her company. As a maternity leave substitute for Christina, I started the exciting work and my enthusiasm for linen and antiques has grown steadily since then. I am in charge for the daily business, your requests, orders, shippings and I prepare linen fabrics as well dye them for our shop. This work is so diverse and fulfills me anew every day. Antique linen has become part of my life.

In the meantime I have become a father myself and I love to spend a lot of time with my family. We love to go on small and large trips and when it is possible to spend time by the sea. The sea is my personal place of strength for me. Another great passion is working in the garden. Caring for plants through the seasons and harvesting the fruits is a great pleasure for me.